Durak: a popular card game in Russia

There are many popular card games of different types in Russia, but Durak is certainly one of the most popular Russian card games. Perhaps this is due to the fact that if you compare this game to monopoly or poker, they are much more difficult. Speaking about Durak, everything is very simple and understandable. If you want to play it, you do not need to have excellent skills in card games. All you have to do is to be logical. Logic and a little bit of luck – and voila, you are the winner! 

General rules

As we have already mentioned, this game is a rather simple one. All you should have to play Durak is a deck of cards (there should be 36 cards). The number of players may be different, so you can play with just one rival or split into two teams of several people each. The objective of this game is to avoid being the last player with cards. Durak is a Russian word for a fool, but one should be rather smart to become a winner. There is a group of similar games, and all of them have the same objective – to find a loser. Durak is often compared to a shit head card game. This is due to a similar number of players and the same objective. Besides, shithead card game rules are similar to Durak rules

As it was mentioned above, all 36 cards from the standard deck and two or more players must be involved in this game. Further, all players must stick to the following game rules:

As it was mentioned above, all 36 cards from the standard deck and two or more players must be involved in this game. Further, all players must stick to the following game rules:

  1. One person is usually selected to be the host. He/she must hand out 6 cards to each of the players (including himself).
  2. Having received the required number of cards, participants are ready to play. So, after this, one card should be taken out of the deck. This card should be open throughout the game, as it is the main trump card.
  3. During gameplay, there are attackers and a defender. The defender is successful when he/she manages to beat all attacks made. He/she is considered to be unsuccessful if unable to beat an attack.
  4. The first person to start the game is a player who has the smallest trump card. A move can be made by any number of cards of the same status.
  5. It’s possible to beat cards with both a high-status card (the same suit) and a trump card.
  6. Durak rules also include that a player who makes a move can rightfully add matching in status cards to his opponent. Besides, it is necessary to take into account those cards that made a move, as well as your opponent’s cards (try to predict what he/she has).
  7. Remember that it is forbidden to throw more cards than your opponent has.
  8. Each player should have six cards during the entire game. After cards are beaten, they won’t be used in this game.
  9. And, finally, the last thing you need to know about playing this card game. So, if the player failed to fight back, this person should take all those cards. 

Durak history

The exact date of the appearance of the Durak card game is difficult to find out, as no one knows its authors. We just know that it was mentioned for the very first time in the book “Description of card games,” which was written by G. Komov in 1778. At first, the game was popular among workers and peasants only. Nobles preferred aristocratic games, like a bridge, poker, and solitaire. However, over time, the game became more and more popular. Due to its undeniable advantages, the game is currently one of the most beloved among the inhabitants of the former USSR. With modern computer technologies, it became possible to play this Russian card game online, which is very convenient for the player, as there is no need for a partner.