7 Cool Ways to Calm Down before Playing in Video Poker

Video poker

Video pokerThere is nothing worse than starting a session of online video poker with a hot head. You need to be calm and collected in order to be able to make good decisions and truly turn tables in your favor. When you are nervous and anxious, the train of thoughts derails easily and you will also make more bad moves or overspend and lose a ton of money. Cooling down before sitting down and starting gambling is imperative for success. We want to give you a couple of good tips on how to chill down and get yourself together before you punish that pesky online casino.

Tip #1. Yoga Can Help You

While you may be thinking that your friends in yoga pants are just wasting their time, it is scientifically proven fact that you will get less worried after some physical activity paired with a change of mood. Yoga is great for exactly this. You will spend half an hour doing regular routines and listening to relaxing music getting rid of anxiety and nerves. This is not only a perfect hobby to pick up if you are working hard, but also an effective way of quickly calming down and making sure that you think straight.

Tip #2. Drink Warm Beverages

There is nothing wrong in drinking energy drinks and strong green tea or coffee to increase the tonus and keep being agitated, but you should not start with a drink that will pump you up. Instead, prepare a slightly sweetened honey induced beverage. Light black tea sweetened with honey or jam warmed up but not overly hot – this is a great combination for anyone who wants to take control over the condition of your mind and how it affects your body and decisions.

Tip #3. Take a Long Pause

Some people want to escape from reality and stresses at work and spend some time in an online casino right away. We are against such behavior. Stress makes you less collected and pushes you toward rushed decisions that will slowly dry out the deposit and make you one unhappy gambler. If you want to avoid such destiny, think about coming home and just sitting silently in a comfortable soft chair. Just use some time to contemplate and forget about stress. If you can’t get rid of bad thoughts, go to kitchen and do those dishes!

Tip #4. Watch Your Favorite Show

We all know that person who loves to simultaneously do a lot of things. Admit it, you are a sinner as well and often play in your favorite slot game while watching a new episode of Simpsons on another tab of the browser. This is bad since Video Poke requires not only luck but also attention and ability to know when to stop. At the same time, you will miss half of jokes of that incredibly funny and undoubtedly original show. Separate these activities and enjoy laughing together with heroes of your beloved TV show.

Tip #5. Call Your Friend

Socialization is a good way to get attack your demons and make sure that stress is not a problem. Text or call friends and tell them about how the day has been and what has happened. This will surely make you a little bit less tense since sharing concerns and troubles with somebody always reduces stress and makes it easier to make decisions based on logic and not anger and passion. Use various socialization methods including posting on Facebook and Forums, browsing Reddit, talking to friends via Whatsapp or other messengers.

Tip #6. Breathing Gymnastics

There are various techniques of breathing that will reconstruct the heart rhythm, help to reduce stress, and ensure that you can focus easier on tasks at hand. You can find all sorts of breath techniques on the internet and use them to chill down before starting betting mindlessly. A very simple way to catch breath and prepare for exercises and other activities is to stop doing everything, straighten the spine, inhale deeply for 2-3 seconds, and slowly exhale. Repeat this for a couple of times and you will feel better immediately.

Tip #7. Play Some Real Card Games

Purchase a nice deck of real plastic cards and put it right next to the Laptop. Come home and sit down for a session of Spider or Solitaire. This will not only help you to relax, but also give your brain some time to get used to cards and their images. Sadly, players inevitably start hasting their way through video poker games and click that “play” button before they even see the animation. If you brain is “tuned” to work with images of cards before you start playing, you will need less time to react to various in-game situations.

On the other hand, online casinos will never give you that excitement of using real cards and touching them. This is a very enjoyable and relaxing activity that entertains you.