15 Best Online Casino Podcasts

In all podcasts, some people talk about something, but they can do it in very different ways. So, what podcasting suits your interest the best? 

  1. Conversational podcasts

    1. Audio Blogs

    2. Two dudes talking

    3. Interview

    4. Talk show

  2. High production value podcasts

  3. Music mixes

However, in our case, we are going to talk about casino online podcasts. If you are eager to learn a few useful things before playing at the Casino Royale, there is an official podcast Casino Royale where you will find tons of interesting information. It offers you plenty of various topics of diversified thematics. And if you are interested in such information, here is the list of 15 best online casinoroyale podcasts regarding your interest.

Tips and Tricks Shows

If you are in need of some pieces of advice on how to play better at the Casino Royale or what strategy to use, this kind of official podcast is exactly what you are seeking. Here you can listen to famous gamblers, their experience, learn from them and find out lots of new things. 

  1. Cousin Vito’s Casino Podcast (this is a very casual conversational podcast often with real professionals sharing their experiences, or experts telling how to improve the quality of your gaming or even fans who have exciting stories to tell; usually an hour-long).
  2. Gambling With an Edge (this is an official podcast best for those people who are interested in the professional style of gambling filled with useful information on prof’s tactics and schemes; 50 minutes long).
  3. Gamble On (if you want to be aware of everything that is happening in the gambling world, this podcast with the real gamblers, lawmakers, and professional players is a great choice; an hour-long).
  4. Poker Stories (the official poker podcast is perfectly suited for poker players who wish to learn more nuances about the card game, listen to the incredible stories of professional players, and find out fresh news in the poker world; long-form audio).

Sports Betting Podcasts

The gamblers who want to move forward successfully in sports betting should check this out. They give a clear insight into the current betting situation for different sports events, inform you on the latest news, and make some predictions. Therefore, they can be extremely helpful.

  1. Behind the Bets (hosted by a famous gambling analyst, this podcast can give you a clearer view on the sports betting situation, precisely in Las Vegas; posted twice a week). 
  2. Hammer Dahn (due to three amazing professional hosts sharing important information and giving the preview of the future games, this official podcast is quite well-known among sports gamblers; posted three times a week).
  3. Sports Gambling Podcast (a very informative source focused not mainly on NFL topics, but also on other different kinds of sport; posted several times a week).
  4. Against the Spread Sports Betting Radio (live odds in various sport kinds; it also has a mobile application including all necessary info for sports gamblers; posted five days a week).

Lifestyle Shows

It often happens that people have their favorite figures in the gaming world. If you are one of such and want to hear as much as possible about that person, you will definitely enjoy these shows. 

  1. Seven Out Gambling, Poker, and Casino Podcast (an exclusively interesting cast hosted by an entertaining duo traveling around the US and sharing unbelievable life stories; comes out every two weeks). 
  2. Vice Lounge Online (the resource full of amazing topics about casino players’ lifestyle, and all valuable things for casino lovers; comes out once a week).
  3. Vital Vegas Podcast (the podcast focused on Vegas life in all its beauty; comes out every few weeks).
  4. Two Morons Talking Casinos and Stuff (the pod full of real stories from two guys who worked as casino dealers some time ago and give insight on casino work).
  5. Due for a Win (the source is specifically about Atlantic City, its latest news in the gambling world).

The Best in Online Gaming in Canada

Cannot decide on the casino or wish more information about a particular one? Then these resources will be extremely helpful. They provide the listeners with the necessary information on the casinos, their peculiarities, offers, advantages, and disadvantages.

  1. Online Casinos Verified (the source of informative reviews about the casinos and their characteristics including casinoroyale features; good for future visitors; 10 minutes long; posted daily). 
  2. The Blackjack Apprenticeship (the podcast about all the blackjack game nuances; incredibly useful for all blackjack players). 
  3. BestNetEntCasino.info podcast. Find exclusive music to play with in the best Canadian online casinos

Therefore, it is only up to you what podcast is better suited to your interests. Anyway, all of them might be really helpful when it comes to improvement and development.